Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Primary Colors Heart

9x10 inks on 140 lb wc paper done today, another in my heart series, quickly and spontaenously.  I first drew the heart outline using periwinkle blue watercolor then dropped red, yellow, and blue Dr Ph Martin's inks and spritzed that with fine mist water.  This is just having too much fun!


Sea Dean said...

This is lovely. I don't know your parameters for submission but I have another couple of heart paintings to submit later today if I can.

Also don't remember if I've invited you to my challenge. I'm inviting Artists to make a submission for "Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge" Portrait challenge. Any 2D media, any style. Would love to see something from you. Here is the link.

Kay Smith said...

Send me more and I'll try to fit them in. I'll check out your link.