Sunday, May 5, 2013

Chief Horsefeather - Indian figure

24x18 watercolor on Aquabord, drawn today with a brush dipped in watercolor onto the clay surface.  I had not really explored using this product although it is made here in Texas, and was given this large piece I'd started a failed portrait on.  Using the ink sketch (below) from a recent drawing, I had no photo reference, only an imagination.  Lifting most of the paint then blotting with a paper towel seemed to work fine as it could look quite heavy.
Images copyright 2013 Kay Smith.

6x6 Pigma Micron 03 ink sketch.


V. Bridges Hoyt said...

Beautifully drawn. Great linework in the sketch, AND I love the painting!

Kay Smith said...

Thanks, Nita, I appreciate it.

Observe Closely said...

The ink sketch is super! It has a wonderful strength of character. Bravo!!!