Saturday, December 27, 2014


12x9 watercolor on Bristol 100 lb paper done yesterday.  A limited palette underpainting was done first with Prussian blue, alizarin crimson,and quinacridone gold over pencil drawing.  Next the darks of windmill blades and parts was painted using UB, quin burnt orange, burnt sienna, carbazole violet, indigo, sepia, quin violet, periwinkle blue; warm colors used to indicate rust.  Tree limbs were a dark mix of burnt sienna and UB.  A mix of aureolin yellow, quin gold, Prussian blue, UB, indigo was used for leaves.  When dry, splattering of Halloween orange and a dark mixed green was done.  This windmill is a crop of my initial reference featured on WetCanvas, courtesy of Mary.  We had 2 hours to do our painting.
Image is COPYRIGHT 2014 Kay Smith.

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Christiane Fortin said...

Kay this is a fun painting. Love the contrasts.