Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Party Pigeon - a reworked watercolor

8.5x11 mixed watermedia of a pigeon looking to party over his rooftop for New Year's Eve.  This is the AFTER version.  Below is shown this work in progress where I sketched the bird with black felt tip pen on top of the failed disaster watercolor.  The couple was not real.  Now I think it is a much more interesting painting.  Gouache and Montana acrylic markers were used on top of the old watercolor. Support is Italia 140 lb cold press paper.  It has been awhile since I reworked any existing paintings.  Image COPYRIGHT 2015 Kay Smith.

Work in progress with this middle view showing a lot of the pigeon's body painted.  I knew it would be difficult to cover the man's black hair with gouache, watercolor, or pastel, so opted to use acrylic markers.

BEFORE version 11x8.5 titled Be My Valentine.  As ugly as he is, I'd not want to be his sweetheart and she is no prize either.

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Pat said...

Wow! Loved how you re-worked the watercolour. Definitely prefer the pigeon!