Wednesday, August 24, 2011

White Cat "Sinatra" WIP Step 5

Today I worked on Sinatra another 2 hours mainly on the background and table front.  Its curve is not shaped right so will correct the curved line to match the bottom, as well as darken to dark brown.  Once that value is established, his white fur should show up better.
If I go back to Tyler I'll revisit this store and let his owner know he has surfed the Internet.  I did tell her he would be painted.


Christiane Fortin said...

Kay this is going to be beautiful. I just love cats they make amazing subjects don't they.

Linda Rupard said...

So nice. He is posing & looking to see if you like that pose. Very good job.

Diana said...

Kay this is wonderful, that rich brown of the table is gorgeous and brings out the kitty!Diana