Sunday, May 29, 2011

Holy Cow!

22x30 acrylic over failed cherub painting, hence the title. This is a WetCanvas! challenge to paint in a style or colors you're not used to, so it was quite difficult with large flat shapes. A Netherlands cow of Connie van Winssen was the ref used and it was in the middle of a green field with a city skyline behind, so I enlarged it and took out all the rest.

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Manuel Del Castillo Negrete said...

Hi Kay

My name is Manuel Del Castillo. I'm creating a children's web site about agriculture, and I ask for your permission to use an image of your cow painting ( for an exercise in art for children in the first three years of elementary school in Mexico. Our site is not for profit. You can see the page where it is going to be in

The idea is to ask the children to compare the paintings and express their opinions and feelings about each one. There is going to be code to zoom on the pictures to allow for the perception of more details.

You can reach me in