Wednesday, November 6, 2013

WIP - Mexican Redhats wildflowers

8.5x11 watercolor over Micron 01 pen drawing on Masters paper, a work in progress begun today.  I decided to do another one of these Texas wildflowers as a WIP to show the stages and progression.  I do direct painting, so what is seen here is the first and final application.  I want the value to be the strength and vibrancy when dry as watercolor dries 40% lighter than your initial wash.  Photo images were taken a few years ago when we had enough rain for the wild beauties to bloom; this spring the wildflower crop was a scarce display. Redhats are also called prairie coneflower.  I've put a watermark COPYRIGHT KAY SMITH 2013 across my afternoon's work in progress even though it is not finished.  Too many images stolen already this year!

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