Monday, December 30, 2013

Abstract Horses - Work in Progress

Here is a 30x40 partially blank stretched canvas just sitting in the studio waiting for inspiration, so last week it was up on the big easel. My idea was to create simulated leather and rough rawhide texture by manipulating acrylics in brown and yellow ochre tones. I hoped to be able to discern horse shapes within the abstraction.  Using a 2"  sponge brush I applied Roasted Coffee by Valspar at random.

Next color was pure white.  In between spritzing with water and wiping with a rough paper towel, the paint smeared, ran, and blended a nice texture reminding me of western saddles, dry grass, and prairie lands.  After drying I added paint to all 4 sides, then turned the canvas around, up and down to find where to begin to pick out shapes that could be horses.  (Upper right is a north window glare).  Stay tuned for more to follow in this WIP.

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