Monday, December 8, 2014

World Blog Hop Continues On

               © "Art Studio" ~ Watercolor 2014 Kay Smith/Brushworks Studio Gallery 2014  Big Spring TX


My invitee gets a big Texas "Thanks!" Thank you, Laura Leeder for inviting me to my first World Blog Hop.  Laura has been a follower of mine quite awhile and hails from British Columbia.  Her link where you can check out this watercolorist's latest creations is; she's been blogging since 2008.  So hop on over and see her delicate teacups and lace and other activities she is engaged in.

© "The Gift" ~ Watercolour  Dec 18, 2013  Laura Leeder
~ WORLD BLOG HOP ~ My Chosen Artist To Continue The Hop
I'm thrilled to introduce you all to another west Texas artist named Leada Wood.  Leada has a lovely country home in Colorado City, a full and busy studio, Studio 20, off I-20 interstate, and when not busy painting, teaching, or taking workshops works next door in the family business, Wood's Boots.  We met in 2002 at a Douglas Walton workshop here in Big Spring, TX and I was amazed at Leada's fearless and bold methods of creating art.  Check out her blog here at:  She will attempt to follow the hop by posting on Monday, December 15!

                                                     © "Easy Riders" ~ Watercolor June 17, 2014  Leada Wood

~ WORLD BLOG HOP ~ Question and Answer Period

1. What am I working on?
Currently I am concentrating again on watercolors with nature themes.  Mostly birds or other wildlife from photos taken while outdoors in Texas or New Mexico.  I photograph many views from many angles and enjoy finding hidden areas no one else notices.  Now I am painting a red-winged blackbird, a happy fellow partly hidden by shadows and rocks in a roadside marsh.

 © "Red-Winged Blackbird" ~ Watercolor work in progress December 2014 Kay Smith

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?
Mostly my art has a vivid color component in design, even with more photorealistic subjects.  I like to include color surprises for the viewer to find.
3. Why do I create what I do?
That question is asked of me all the time and really it depends upon what inspires me on a daily basis.  Sometimes it is a still life, others I feel like going outside to paint plein air with pen and ink and a sketchbook, like yesterday.  I have to feel an excitement for my subject first, though, or the creative juices don't start flowing!
4. How does my creating process work?
An idea is the catalyst for any piece of art.  If unfamiliar with the subject, as in a commissioned work, I'll ask the client to provide photographs.  From there I will usually do a value sketch to get a feel for what I need to zero in on, then apply all my energy in that endeavor, such as pet portraits.  Lately, after having signed up for Sketchbook Skool online, I find more and more the joy in creating sketches of my environment.
Thanks for joining in and learning more about the World Blog Hop!



Laura Leeder said...

I very much enjoyed reading your answers to the 4 questions. Thanks again for participating!

Kay Smith said...

Thanks Laura!