Thursday, July 26, 2012

Stan's Horses on Cracker Barrel Map

This watercolor work is about 9x11 and is a section I cut out of a large Cracker Barrel map of the USA.  I love to eat there and these maps are free that show all their restaurant locations.
Years ago I'd painted this pair of horses in a smaller format and given to my brother Stan.  Unsure if the medium would color the paper enough I did have to use 2-3 washes in this vignette and of course draw the animals larger.  They were eating hay when I took their photograph and the white horse is eating quickly while the bay is watching something at a distance.  Paints used:  Daniel Smith quinacridone burnt orange and gold, UB, manganese, arylide, raw sienna, undersea green, carbazole violet, cobalt teal blue.

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Sharon Whitley said...

great idea and works well,I'm inspired!