Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Sleepy Boston Terrier

7x9.5 watercolor and black Tombow brush pen on Ecosystem sketchbook done today.  First I used a rocks and stones design stencil with opaque and transparent orange tones over the white paper.  When dry, I sketched the Boston terrier with the Tombow and filled in black areas.  My photo had a leopard print behind the dog and a white blanket in front; he had his head on top of a dog toy.  So I filled in the background with Blue Bice (Cheap Joe's American Journey) and Transparent Pyrrol Orange (Daniel Smith), ignoring the rocks and stones shapes.  All in all he made a cute sketch almost as if he is dreaming of being outside.
Image COPYRIGHT 2016 Kay Smith.

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Billie Crain said...

You managed to make your puppy look as though he is immersed in his dream world. Well played, Kay. Very creative.